A Book a patient against ECT wrote

Many people have criticized ECT (ElectroConvulsive Thrapy).

This is a book a depressive patient against ECT wrote.

Opinions of the author is classical.

‘somewhere but USA’ said like this in amazon.com review

ECT techniques vary from country to country. For example, maximal charge of ECT device available in European countiries is over 1000mC whereas ones of most Asian countries are limited under 504mC.
So, practitioner in Asia try to optimize ECT parameters.
You should read 
Inomata H, Harima H, Itokawa M. A case of schizophrenia successfully treated by m-ECT using ‘long’ brief pulse. International Journal of Case Reports and Images 2012;3(7):30-34. 

We cannnot believe Sackeim is considered to be authority in the world. He has neither knowledge of biophysics nor medical license.

It’s exactly right.