What is HorliX?

HorliX is a DICOM viewer based on Horos and OsiriX.

The origin of HorliX is HorosJ which is a japanese version of Horos published in github.

One day air-h-128k-il, one of the contributors of HorosJ and Horos projects, changed his source codes in order to run HorosJ/Horos under full 64bit mode.

It was when HorliX came into the world.

Now HorliX has several features apart from Horos and/or OsiriX Lite:

  • fully 64bit software including libralies
  • unique UI (for example, ROI-color-rotation-UI)
  • and so on

‘HorliX’ was named after not ony Horos and OsiriX but also ‘Horlicks’ , a female legendary race horse  in NZ.



2D viewer

3D viewer

Meta-Tag editing




How To Get?

  • MacAppStore




You can download the Trial version of HorliX via our download page.

  • GitHub

We publish the source code in GitHub.