What is HorliX?

HorliX is a DICOM viewer based on Horos and OsiriX.

The origin of HorliX is HorosJ which is a japanese version of Horos published in github.

One day air-h-128k-il, one of the contributors of HorosJ and Horos projects, changed his source codes in order to run HorosJ/Horos under full 64bit mode.

It was when HorliX came into the world.

Now HorliX has several features apart from Horos and/or OsiriX Lite:

  • fully 64bit software including libralies
  • unique UI (for example, ROI-color-rotation-UI)
  • and so on

‘HorliX’ was named after not ony Horos and OsiriX but also ‘Horlicks’ , a female legendary race horse  in NZ.



Japanese site is here



2D viewer, 3D viewer, Meta-Tag editing, Anonymizing, PACS,

Web Server, ROI(Line, Area, …) , Plugin …etc

plugin installation bug !

HorliX ver1.0.3 fails to install plugin via our site.

It could be solved like the following:

1. Download Plugins.zip



2. Extract it and place the ‘Plugins’ folder under

Users/your account/Library/Containers/info.phazor.horlix/Data/Library/Application

3. Restart HorliX a few times.

Then, you can use the plugin inside the Plugin folder.

JPEGtoDICOM can change non-DICOM files( .jpg, .png) into DICOM files.

original image: https://www.topcon.co.jp/eyecare/products/diagnostic/oct/3DOCT-1_Maestro_J.html


Si(111) 7×7 surface STM image. (Provided by H.Inomata)


How To Get?

  • MacAppStore

Apple has changed apps distribution policy so that HorliX cannot be distributed on Mac AppStore now.
We will construct our own download platform, PHAZOR Market, but it is not finished. Please get in touch with our contact page if you need our HorliX.
Price 199US$〜

You can download the Trial version of HorliX via our download page

  • GitHub

We publish the source code in GitHub.


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