BiriBiri Sisters

Good animation works have been produced in Japan. ‘Toaru’ series is one of them.

index 2 story 17   10032 13577 & 10039 jealous Over MISAKA 19090

Misaka 10039
“She has obtained information such as receiving good luck when putting an engagement ring on your left ring finger,” leaks Misaka-10039, seeing the opportunity.
Miaka 19090
Ring…good luck…

index 2 story 17    Last order cheats Misaka 10032

Misak 20001 号
“Misaka wants that too!” whines Misaka as Misaka tries to throw atantrum like a spoiled child.
Misaka 10032
You may be trying to act cute, but that kind of behavior only annoys me,” says Misaka as Misaka explains gently.



BiriBiri sisters feelings for language are very unique. I love them !