HorliX-NSB (Ver 1.1.0) Under Developing!

minor fix version of ver 1.0.7
For Ventura

HorliX-NSB (Ver 1.0.7) recommend!

minor fix version of ver 1.0.5
For HighSierra or later (Mojave, Catalina, BigSur, Monterey, Ventura)

This version of HorliX can run, at least 2D and 3D Viewers, on Mojave and Catalina.
In BigSur, Monterey and Ventura, its 3D preset function could not work well.
Maybe there will be no problem for normal use.

You can download and use this version of HorliX.

download -click to start

 Some users reported ‘TEXT LINE ILLEGIBLE.’ problem. However, we have solved this issue like the following way:   


Caution :

  • This is a trial version. You can use this app at your own risk.
  • Redistribution is prohibited because the copyright of the HorliX icon design is managed by us but its primitive proprietor is a certain young talented designer in Thailand.
  • The expiration date is until 2023/12/31.

HorliX: author, OsiriX (open source version): contributor, Horos: contributor

H.Inomata, MD/air-h-128k-il [PHAZOR, LLC]

Apple has changed apps distribution policy so that HorliX cannot be distributed on Mac AppStore now.
We will construct our own download platform, PHAZOR Market, but it is not finished. Please get in touch with our contact page if you need our HorliX.

HorliX-NSB (Ver 1.0.5)
no sandboxing version of ver1.0.4 

HorliX Ver 1.0.4
minor fix version of ver 1.0.2/1.0.3 

HorliX Ver 1.0.2

featuring ROI-color-rotation-UI proposed by @omrd, 

adding some japanese resources (special thanks to Y. Araki, medi-light. inc)

fixing bugs asscociated with Philips US study (solved by @brizolara)

HorliX can run, at least 2D and 3D Viewers, on OS X 10.14 -Mojave- .