HorliX Ver 1.0.2

featuring ROI-color-rotation-UI proposed by @omrd, 

adding some japanese resources (special thanks to Y. Araki, medi-light. inc)

fixing bugs asscociated with Philips US study (solved by @brizolara)

HorliX can run, at least 2D and 3D Viewers, on OS X 10.14 -Mojave- .

You can download and use this version of HorliX.

download -click to start-

Caution :

  • This is a trial version. You can use this app at your own risk.
  • Redistribution is prohibited.
  • The expiration date is until 2018/12/28.

HorliX: author, OsiriX (open source version): contributor, Horos: contributor


The version without expiration date is distributed via MacAppStore