Like the ‘Chronicles of Three Kingdoms’

Some users say like the following:

When we forked Horos project at the first time, OsiriX MD was above the clouds. Now HorliX is considered as another DICOM Viewer/PACS to be comparable to OsiriX MD.

We are proud of this situation although we have intention to move our own way in the near future.


HorliX on MacAppStore


image: origin from wiki



HorliX can run, at least 2D and 3D Viewers, on OS X 10.14 Mojave.
A bug on HorliX has never been received since Mojave was released.

HorliX on MacAppStore

App Store Connect

HorliX do NOT get any user’s information, needles to say patient’s information. But App Store Connect teach us that HorliX has sold in 15 countries all over the world since its release.

We are very happy.

ドイツ means Deutschland in Japanese.
ロシア means Russia in Japanese.